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Jose' & Maria Barrera


Jose' and Maria started their business in the early 1980’s. They moved to New York City from South Texas after destiny brought a NYC actress to the University of Texas where she spotted José’s first jewelry piece, which was on display at a student exhibition and she decided she had to have it. She met the couple and purchased the necklace. Returning to NYC she wore the necklace to a party where it was seen by Alexander Leiberman of Vogue who then asked to use it in a photo shoot.  "The necklace" inspired Diana Vreeland to commission the iconic photograph by Irving Penn on Marisa Berenson in Vogue’s 1970 April issue. This began their aspirations to move and start their lives in NYC where they raised three daughters, Larisa, Mariel and Alicia and slowly grew their jewelry business.
Today, the Jose' and Maria Barrera company is still a family owned and operated business, which now includes their three artistic daughters. All of the jewelry is designed and produced from start to finish in the Garment Center of New York City. All items are assembled by hand by a small staff of trained artisans under the watchful eye of Jose and Larisa where quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship are the key ingredients to creating our product.

Official Web Site:
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Jose Barrera Granada Necklace Set

Jose Barrera Marbella Necklace Set

Jose Barrera Falling Leaves Necklace Set

Jose Barrera Antoinette Necklace

Jose Barrera Antoinette Earrings

Jose Barrera Hibiscus Set - 1994








While studying the Top 10 Sellers on Etsy, I decided to contact one of them to see to what it attributes its success.  The store I chose was Vintage Jewelry Alcove.  This store has been in operation since 2008, has over 5,800 items and ships worldwide. 
When I asked Gregg, the store owner, about his success, he indicated that it is very important to have a nice variety of items that are fairly priced.  Customer service was also at the top of his list.  He said he tries very hard to have a quick turn around when a purchase is made.  And if there is a problem with an order, he does whatever it takes to make the customer happy.  This helps him get and retain customers.   Another thing he mentioned was that he offers several types of discounts:
     1) 10% Discount for Repeat Customers
     2) 20% Discount for purchases of 10 or more items
     3) 20% Discount for orders of $100 or more
     4) 30% Discount for the whole month of July (Coupon Code 30303) 
I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to visit the Vintage Jewelry Alcove so I can take advantage of one of these great offers.  There is lots and lots of vintage costume jewelry in this store.





Feedback is an essential tool for a seller.  It proves the quality of the seller's merchandise and service.  The seller needs to know that the item was received and there are no problems with the transaction.  If there is a problems, the seller needs to know right away so it can be corrected.  Sellers take pride in their wares and service and want each transaction to be pleasant and efficient.  So take the time to give your feedback whenever you can.
I recently read somewhere about a quick and easy way to check for keywords on Etsy.  I tried this and it works.   Here is an easy to understand example of one that I did.
Step 1 - I typed in "Joan" and checked the dropdown box.  I found "Joan Rivers Jewelry."  I have a lot of keywords for Joan Rivers, but I was not using "Joan Rivers Jewelry".
Step 2 - Next, I typed in "Joan Rivers" and I got a list similar to this one in this order:
Joan Rivers jewelry
Joan Rivers necklace
Joan Rivers brooch
Joan Rivers bracelet
Joan Rivers earrings
Joan Rivers bee
Joan Rivers bee pin
Joan Rivers pin
Joan Rivers watch
Step 3 - I immediately added "Joan Rivers Jewelry" to my keywords.
This is an oversimplified example, but it goes to show how easy it is to miss something.  "Joan Rivers jewelry" was the most searched choice of words and I wasn't using it. 
Another piece of advice that I read about suggested that you use all the tags and categories available to you on Etsy.  You have the ability to use 30 tags--13 tags and 13 material tags, plus 2 style tags, a recipient tag and an occasion tag.  Each one can be up to 20 characters long, so you can also use short keyword phrases or combine two keywords into one tag. Each tag is another way for you to get customers to you item page.
When looking for additional tags to use, ask these questions:
  • What is it?
  • What is it used for?
  • Who uses it?
  • What are the most important features?
  • When is the item used? 
If you want to find out who the top ten sellers are on Etsy, go to  Studying these companies may give you some ideas on how to improve yours.   Be sure to look at their use of  keywords.  (NOTE:  When I checked this site, I found several of the companies listed no longer had an Etsy store.  My assumption is that they now have their own websites.)



This is a new section for the blog.  I keep running into wonderful ideas on what can be done with odd pieces of jewelry, especially the ones which have lost their partner.  Enjoy the pictures and maybe you'll get a good idea to use.  We have already seen in the April 17th issue of the blog that jewelry can be turned into beautiful art.  Remember "Art Creations by CJ"? 

Statement Necklace

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                                        The gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery are
                                        decorated by U.S. flags on Memorial Day weekend.


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by Camrose & Kross, LLC


Jacqueline Lee "Jackie" Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (1929-1994) was the wife of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, and First Lady of the United States during his presidency from 1961 until his assassination in 1963.

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

Bouvier was the elder daughter of Wall Street stockbroker John Vernou Bouvier III and socialite Janet Lee Bouvier. In 1951, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French literature from George Washington University and went on to work for the Washington Times-Herald as an inquiring photographer.

Jacqueline and Her Younger Sister Lee

In 1952, Bouvier met Congressman John F. Kennedy at a dinner party. Shortly after, he was elected to the United States Senate and the couple married the following year. They had four children, two of whom died in infancy.

 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kennedy - 1953

As First Lady, she aided her husband's administration with her presence in social events and with her highly publicized restoration of the White House. On November 22, 1963, she was riding with him in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, when he was assassinated. She and her children withdrew from public view after his funeral, and she married Aristotle Onassis in 1968.



Mr. & Mrs. Aristotle Onassis - 1968

Following her second husband's death in 1975, she had a career as a book editor for the final two decades of her life. She is remembered for her contributions to the arts and preservation of historic architecture, as well as for her style, elegance, and grace.[1][2] She was a fashion icon; her famous ensemble of pink Chanel suit and matching pillbox hat has become symbolic of her husband's assassination and one of the most iconic images of the 1960s.[3][4] She ranks as one of the most popular First Ladies and in 1999 was named on Gallup's list of Most Admired Men and Women in 20th century America.[5]


1.      Hall, Mimi. "Jackie Kennedy Onassis: America's Quintessential Icon of Style and Grace'. USA Today. Retrieved February 13, 2011.
2.      Circa 1961: The Kennedy White House Interior by Elaine Rice Bachmann. Quote: "The prescience of her words is remarkable given the influence she ultimately had on fashion, interior decoration, and architectural preservation from the early 1960s until her death in 1994. A disappointing visit to the Executive Mansion when she was 11 left a deep impression, one she immediately acted upon when she knew she was to become first lady..." Retrieved February 13, 2011.
3.      Craughwell-Varda, Kathleen (October 14, 1999). Looking for Jackie: American Fashion Icons. Hearst Books. ISBN 978-0-688-16726-4. Retrieved May 1, 2011.
4.     Ford, Elizabeth; Mitchell, Deborah C. (March 2004). The Makeover in Movies: Before and After in Hollywood Films, 1941–2002. McFarland. p. 149. ISBN 978-0-7864-1721-6. Retrieved May 1, 2011.
5.   "Gallup Most Admired Women, 1948–1998". Gallup. Retrieved August 18, 2009.
      For over ten years, Camrose & Kross, LLC, produced replicas of many of Jacqueline Kennedy's fine jewelry pieces.  These pieces became popular thanks to the wonderful presentations on QVC by company partner Phil Katz.  His storytelling brought the pieces to life.  Along with the stories he told, he shared photographs of the Former First Lady wearing the original pieces.  I don't know how many pieces make up this collection, but I do know that there are at least 200 pieces.

Phil Katz, Camrose & Kross partner, presenting on QVC

 Floral Leaf Dual Earrings

JFK presented Jackie with this lovely set of dangle earrings to commemorate their 1st anniversary in 1954. Jackie later gave the earrings as an heirloom gift to her daughter, Caroline. The Jacqueline Kennedy Floral Leaf Dual Earrings have 36 CZs on the floral leaf studs with two sets of interchangeable, simulated pearl dangles.


Jacqueline Collected Over 300 Crosses

Jacqueline Kennedy had an affinity for collecting beautiful cross jewelry and acquired over 300 of them in her lifetime.  Family and friends gave them to her as gifts, and she added to this collection as she traveled the world.

It is noted that when Caroline Kennedy was a little girl in the White House she wore a cross every day. President John F. Kennedy protested this particular piece of jewelry stating his concern for the separation of church and state. In Jackie's strength and wisdom, she countered with the fact that they - the First lady and the President of the United States - must adhere to this rule but their daughter was not a public official. Caroline was therefore allowed to wear cross jewelry and to this day continues to wear cross jewelry daily.


Paisley Crystal Cross



Maltese Cross Necklace & Removable Pin/Pendant


 The Fleur de Lis Cross

French connection. A reproduction of the gift Madame de Gaulle presented to Jackie in 1961 in Paris, this openwork fleur-de-lis cross pendant is resplendent in color and detail, from the faceted simulated rubellite center to the simulated garnets set along the outer borders.

Crystal Circle Pin


Blue Crystal Flower Brooch


Sunburst Crystal Brooch


Jacqueline Wearing the Sunburst Brooch

This reproduction pin resembles one that Jacqueline Kennedy bought during a trip to England. The silvertone piece shines with a sunburst design, accented in clear crystals of various sizes. The center gleams with a domed shape of circles, also done in clear crystals.



Royal Color Egg Crystal Bracelet
The Royal Color Egg Bracelet was a gift to Jackie from Aristotle Onasis for Easter of 1969. The original cost $49,000 in 1969 and contains flawless diamonds, rubies, amethysts, and sapphires. The replica, which must be seen to be believed, boasts SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS of the same colors all set on 18k gold-plated eggs. The bracelet includes a complimentary one inch extension.

Jacqueline Wearing the Royal Color Egg Bracelet
As pictured here — Jackie wearing the Royal Color Egg bracelet. This bracelet was made to match Jackie's berry pin, a gift from JFK for the birth of John Jr.; and Aristotle knew how much Jackie loved her pin. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, it featured solid gold and flawless stones. The eggs are dressed in the royal colors of Europe — ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and emerald.



Gold-plated Swarovski Crystal Red Sunburst Bracelet


Camrose & Kross by Seiko Jacqueline Kennedy Crystal Watch


Look for the JBK





Carol-Ann Vigneault of New Hampshire has loved jewelry for as long as she can remember.   This love of jewelry grew into Carol opening her own store on Etsy in 2015 called Carol’s Vintage Jewelry.  The store has been very successful; and if you visit her store, you will see why.  I was especially impressed with her store presentation.  Not only does it look so professional, the store has some really great products in it.  In addition to the wonderful selection of vintage jewelry (both fine jewelry and costume jewelry), the store has accessories, clocks/watches, compacts/purses as well as eye optics/opera glasses.  Carol prides herself on providing "quality items" and says that she “wants nothing but Happy Customers.”  Carol’s reviews praise her wonderful choice of merchandise.  Repeat customers thank Carol for sharing her knowledge and time helping them.  Carol is currently offering a 15 percent discount when you spend $25 or more.  She also offers payment plans for some of her more expensive item.  So grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable seat and visit Carol's Vintage Jewelry.  If you are like me, you will find more than one think you like and yo will also find it hard to leave the store.


 Items from Carol's Vintage Jewelry on Etsy


Don't forget, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th.  I still have some of the beautiful Joan Rivers cameos and easels plus lots of what I call "forever" flowers; i.e., vintage flower brooches/pins.  Come on by SCLadyDiJewelry and see for yourself.

Joan Rivers Mother's Day Brooches plus the Jewelry Easel on Which to Display It


Joan Rivers and Nolan Miller "Forever Flower" Brooches



Just in Time for Mother's Day 

With Mother's Day right around the corner,  I have decided to extend my special promotion for the Nolan Miller's Pave Rose Brooch.  I am offering 20 percent off  which means you can get one of these gorgeous brooches for your Mother for just $20.00.  What a great deal, and she will have it to wear long after Mother's Day has come and gone.  The discount code to use at checkout time is ROSE20.  Buy it now at SCLadyDiJewelry.

 Nolan Miller Pave Rose Brooch 

This week's packages have been a lot more enjoyable.  I received several HANDWRITTEN NOTES which are always appreciated.  A couple of the packages used THANK YOU STICKERS instead of scotch tape to seal the tissue paper.  One of those packages also had a BOOKMARK with a handy ruler printed on it.  But the package I enjoyed most was for an order I placed for new earring cards to use for my customers.  The earring cards are beautiful, and the seller sent along a clear envelop full of sample tags, etc., from her store.  I loved all the samples and was very impressed by her message which read: 
"Thank you very much for your purchase!  In this packet you will find samples of custom jewelry cards, tags, business cards & stickers.  These are just a small sample of what the design options are in my shop.  Please use them as you wish, try out your jewelry on them and see what style you like or what works and what doesn't.  Remember: any design, mine or your own logo, can be put on any card or tag.  Enjoy!" 
And enjoy I will.  Thank you Shannon from

There are 966 products at JulryPartz





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When I began work on this week's blog, I thought, "why reinvent the wheel?  Surely, someone has done this already."  So I set out to find someone who is knowledgeable about Trifari jewelry and buys and sells it.  Who did I find?  I found Christine Rivera of who has been buying and selling Trifari jewelry since 2005.  Thank you Christine for being so willing to share your knowledge of Trifari jewelry with everyone.

The Trifari Company - A Brief History

by Christine Rivera

The Early Years

In 1904 a young man from Naples, Italy arrived at Ellis Island, full of hope and promise, like many young men his age. His name was Gustavo Trifari and he was 20 years old.

A Vintage Postcard Showing Ellis Island

Gustavo began working for his uncle making costume jewelry. In 1910 they formed a new company named Trifari & Trifari. The company began to grow - in 1917 Leo Krussman joined as Sales Manager and the next year the company was renamed to "Trifari & Krussman." Another Sales Manager, Karl Fishel, joined the company in 1923 and in 1925 there was another name change to "Trifari, Krussman and Fishel." During that time, pieces were signed with the KTF stamp (with the large Trifari "T" at the center) as shown below.

 "KTF" Stamp Used by Trifari, Krussman and Fishel

The Alfred Philippe Years

Due to the high quality of its jewelry, the company became very successful and in 1930 Alfred Philippe was brought in as head designer. He was a renowned jewelry designer who had worked for Cartier and Van Cleef & Arples designing fine jewelry. Due to the Great Depression, he didn't have as much freedom to design as he wished, so working with the less expensive materials used in costume jewelry was appealing to him. At Trifari Alfred Philippe was free to design as he chose, creating beautiful costume pieces that resembled fine jewelry.

Alfred Philippe remained at Trifari until his retirement in 1968. His iconic designs are still highly prized today.

A few examples of his work:

Trifari Alfred Philippe "ClipMates" Convertible Brooch & Fur Clips Patented in 1936
Available at

 Trifari Alfred Philippe Large Sterling Crown Brooch in
Red, White, and Blue Patented in 1944

Available at
Charming Trifari Alfred Philippe Elephant Pins, Patented in 1952

 Lovely Alfred Philippe Gold Plated Leaf Brooch & Matching Earrings
 with Glass Faux Pearls and Rhinestone Baguettes, Patented in 1954

Available at

Striking White Lucite and Blue Rhinestones Bracelet from the 1960s
Available at

Trifari in the 1970s and 1980s

Trifari continued to be run by its founder and sons until 1975, when the company was sold to Hallmark Jewelry Company. In the 1970s and 1980s the company commissioned various designers. Two of the most popular were Diane Love and Kunio Matsumoto.

 1970s Vogue Ad for Trifari Diane Love Egyptian Collection

Trifari 1970s Beige Enamel Circle Links Necklace Designed by Kunio Matsumoto

Trifari 1970s Blue and Green Lucite Sea Shells Necklace,
Bracelet, & Earrings Set Designed by Kunio Matsumoto

1970s Kunio Matsumoto Pink Enamel Bangle Bracelet & Earrings Set

Available at

The QVC Years

In 1988 the company was sold to Crystal Brands, and in 1994 sold to Chase Capital Partners and Lattice Holding Company, a division of the Monet Group.

In the 1990s Trifari went back to some of their most popular Alfred Philippe designs to produce some fabulous high end collections distributed through QVC. Many of these were striking figurals such as the "Trifari Safari" collection. Most were limited editions that included classy gift boxes with cards indicating the collection name and how many were produced. These pieces are highly prized by collectors as the last of the signed Trifari Jewelry.

 Rare Trifari "Safari" large alligator brooch with box and cards,
part of a Limited Edition of 350 sold on QVC

Large Trifari Tiger with Grey Eyes brooch from the 1991 Tiger Collection sold on QVC

Available at

Trifari 1996 Large Glass Stones Maltese Cross convertible brooch/pendant sold on QVC

Available at

1998 Trifari Pink Enamel and Rhinestones Flamingo brooch,
 Limited Edition of 3,000 produced for sale on QVC

Available at

In 2000 the Monet Group (including Trifari, Monet, and Napier) was purchased by Liz Claiborne and production was moved overseas, which brought an end to the high quality signed Trifari jewelry. Liz Claiborne Inc. continues to produce Trifari jewelry overseas. No longer signed, these inexpensive pieces are sold on Trifari cards - a far cry from the U.S. made high quality pieces produced when the company was "king of costume jewelry." Luckily, we can still find stylish vintage Trifari pieces from that era to wear and treasure for years to come.


Trifari Vintage Jewelry Patents filed by Alfred Philippe

Here is the drawing and description for the CLIP-MATES patent application, issued on August 11, 1936.
Trifari 1936 ClipMates Patent 2050804 Drawing
Drawing for Trifari 1936 ClipMates Patent

Trifari 1936 ClipMates Patent 2050804 Description
Description for Trifari 1936 ClipMates Patent

If your jewelry has a patent number, you can easily search for it on the Google Patents site here: Google Patents. Just enter the patent number to search. Designs were usually produced for several years, so the patent date provides an approximate age for the jewelry.
Trifari 1930s ClipMates Aqua Glass Stones Back
Back of Trifari ClipMates with Signatures and Patent Number

Alfred Philippe remained as Trifari’s head designer until his retirement in 1968, and his wonderful patented designs can still be found today among Trifari vintage jewelry sellers and collectors.
For more information about vintage jewelry patents, see this article: Vintage Jewelry Patents: Find and Use them to Date Vintage Jewelry

Trifari Vintage Jewelry Signatures

Prior to 1955, the top jewelry designers patented their designs to protect them from other jewelry companies who might copy their designs. After 1955, the copyright law was changed to include jewelry designs. After that time, jewelry companies no longer had to patent their designs. They were able to stamp their jewelry with a copyright symbol to protect the designs.
Note: Trifari was very diligent about signing all of their jewelry. They would often publish ads in the fashion magazines informing customers that “If it isn’t signed, it isn’t Trifari.”
Because all Trifari vintage jewelry was signed, it’s easy to identify the approximate age with the signature. The chart below summarizes these marks.

Trifari Vintage Jewelry Marks

It’s important to note when a company had a large inventory of clasps or other findings that were already stamped, they would continue to use them on newer jewelry, so signatures will often overlap these dates.
In 2000, the company was sold to Liz Claiborne and production was moved overseas. Since then, lesser quality jewelry has been mass produced and sold on Trifari cards without any stamps on the jewelry. Recently, some necklaces have been produced overseas with a new Trifari hang tag, but these are not vintage pieces.
For a more detailed look at Trifari vintage jewelry marks, check out the guide here: My Classic Jewelry Trifari Vintage Jewelry Marks Guide

About the Author

Christine Rivera has been selling vintage jewelry since 2005. You can browse her online shop at and visit her blog at




While shopping recently for vintage jewelry, I came across a wonderful store on Etsy called Sarah's Vintage Baubles.  It is owned and operated by Sarah Crutcher of Dallas, Texas, who has been with Etsy since 2013.  Sarah is so knowledgeable about vintage jewelry and so personable as well.  I liked shopping at her store so much that I have been back several more times.  You've seen some of the pieces since I featured them in my jewelry blog.  Thank you Sarah for all your help.
Sarah says her “joy is antique and vintage jewelry” because there is so much history, romance and art in every beautiful piece.”   She says she doesn’t miss all the stress and anxiety of working in the corporate sector.   Now she’s having a lot more fun with her store.  Yes, Sarah, owning your own store and being your own boss is sooooooooo much better. 

Be sure to visit Sarah's Vintage Baubles and see for yourself what a wonderful place it is to shop. 


Sarah Crutcher of  Sarah's Vintage Baubles  graciously agreed to write for you this week about International Selling.  Her goal is to make selling worldwide less scary to those of you who have not tried it.

Increase Your Sales by Selling Worldwide 

by Sarah Crutcher


Want to increase your sales and increase your profits? Why wouldn’t you?

Selling to foreign countries can increase your sales as much as 75%. American jewelry is quite an attraction to our neighbors in other countries. International sales can be a lot of fun. It gives you an opportunity to meet some really great people; and, sometimes share experiences. Many jewelry pieces are purchased for special occasions, in particular, weddings, birthdays or holiday celebrations. Sometimes, you will even receive pictures of the person wearing their special piece.

Should you decide to begin selling internationally, here are a few things to remember:

1. There are some countries the US is not allowed to do business with, to name a few, Afghanistan, Iran or Yemen. These are a few of what is referred to as "export controlled or embargoed countries." Lists of these countries are easily accessed via the internet.

2. Shipping costs are much higher than in the U.S.   First Class International is the least expensive route, I have found. Of course, the Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling costs, as per your store.

3. Inform the international buyer; either before or after purchase, it will take 12 to 15 days, maybe longer, depending on customs, to receive their purchase. In some countries, you can only track the shipment to the point it leaves the US. The international buyer will have the tracking number to follow once it reaches international ground.

4.  Don''t be afraid.  You may have heard of some bad experiences with international customers, have been told to stay away; however, these are far and few in between.

COMMENT FROM BLOG OWNER:   Etsy makes it so easy to have international customers.  Two helpful features are international shipping calculations and filled out customs forms by Etsy from various pieces of information that you entered for the sale.  I just started selling internationally and have had some of the biggest orders I've ever experienced.  I'm glad I finally decided to try it.


Just in Time for Mother's Day 

With Mother's Day right around the corner on May 8th, I thought it would be a could time to put my Nolan Miller Pave Rose Brooch on sale.  I have six in inventory and am offering you a 20 percent off discount code.  That means you can get one of these gorgeous brooches for your Mom for just $20.00.  What a deal, and she will have a "Forever Rose."  The discount code to use at checkout is ROSE20.

Nolan Miller Pave Rose Brooch
Available at SCLadyDiJewelry


1.  Mother's Day is on May 8th.  That's just a few days away now.  Do your shopping now before it's too late.

2.  Think about the first impression your package is going to make to your customer when she receives it.  This week, one of my orders was sent to me in a used pizza box.  Come on folks, we can do better than this.

3.  I also want to tell those of you who smoke to be mindful of what you used for packing materials.  Anything made of paper will smell like tobacco smoke to your customer.  Paper just seems to hold the odor.  I just received two packages from smokers.  One was packed with paper towels.  The other one was packed with tissue paper. Both smelt really badly.

4.  Make it easy for your customer to remember from where that beautiful piece of vintage jewelry came.  Put your name on the box, in the box, on a tag, put it somewhere!  Recently, I had some address labels made with my store name and web address so I can put them on the inside of the lids of my beautiful boxes going to my customers.

5.  Remember that your jewelry shipments get bounced around a lot by the mail service.  Therefore, it is especially important that you pack your jewelry so it won't move around inside the box and/or package.

6.  Use Washi tape to seal your boxes.  Not only does it come in a multitude of  beautiful colors and designs, it is removable and will not damage the box.  There are several people on Etsy who sell it at great prices.  It's great for scrapbooking too.  Another good choice is a piece of pretty ribbon.  But don't use the type with wire in it.  I stuck my hand in an envelope this week and got stabbed by a piece of wire ribbon.  Boy was I unhappy. 

Pick 8 Whole Rolls of Assorted Washi Tapes: 158 Patterns

Available at TheSewingPost

7.  Make your business card dual purpose.  Here are two great ideas for you to try.

8.  Remember to check the right-hand column of the blog for new information.



Crown Trifari "Alfred Philippe" Brooch
Trifari Jelly Belly Penguin Brooch

Available at JustVintage4U